At Hemel Physio we focus on recovery and future prevention, and we allow plenty of time for a full assessment to create your ideal treatment plan.

Our aim is to get to the root of your problem. This means taking a holistic view of you and your lifestyle, how it effects your symptoms and combine this with our medical knowledge.

We treat a wide range of patients, from athletes to those with chronic problems, many of the common injuries that we help improve include back and neck pain and sports injuries.

We allow 1 hour for your Physiotherapy initial assessment and this will typically include treatment. During your assessment, a treatment plan is formed based on your symptoms and goals. We will take the time to discuss this with you to ensure you understand what is needed for your recovery.

Your treatment will vary according to your needs. This may include manual therapy such as joint mobilisation and soft tissue therapy, taping and acupuncture, personalised exercise prescription and advice.

An average of a further four to six follow-up sessions are usually required.

Throughout your treatment we will reassess to ensure you are on track. If you are not improving, we will look at why and refer you for second opinions if necessary.