Specialist Running Clinic

The Physio’s at Hemel Running clinic are experts in treating runners and we deliver training courses across the country teaching other Physio’s and health care professionals how to assess and treat runners. We have extensive links with local running clubs and sports teams and we also provide Physiotherapy and Massage at local charitable runs and events.


Looking at you as a complete runner to ensure wherever possible we can keep you running whilst we fix any problems that are present, in a proven, tried and tested manner.


We use a variety of techniques when treating a runner. Manual therapy, joint manipulation and mobilisation, soft tissue treatment etc., to help alleviate your pain and kick start your recovery. This stage of your plan is designed to facilitate an optimal return to pain-free running and from day one it is combined with rehabilitative exercises.

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Analysing the way that you run with motion analysis software we identify any issues relating to your running. Tying it all together to train your running gait if indicated and ensure your style is more efficient to maximise your performance potential.